Where Everything Begun

W.E.B. is a symphonic Metal band based in the ashes of Athens – Greece. The Fall of 2002AD was the time that the idea of W.E.B. was born and started to take a lifeform shape from an embryonic state to a music challenge expressing darkness and death through adrenaline and poetry. An expression both straight but at the same time theatrical. W.E.B. is here to move you, provoke you, and invite you to the journey through ravendark starless nights with a fire made of Metal music.


Band members

Sakis Prekas – guitars, vocals
Sextus A. Maximus – lead guitars
Hel Pyre – bass, vocals
Nikitas Md – drums

Reach W.E.B. for bookings/interviews through:
[email protected]

W.E.B metal band from Athens Greece