W.E.B. Colosseum CD


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Born of the “necessity to scream, blast, and create emotions and get on stage to exchange them with an audience“, Greece’s W.E.B. have steadily forged a path to becoming one of the premier European symphonic extreme metal bands. With four albums under their collective belt, they return in 2021 with fifth full-length Colosseum, their biggest and most direct work to date. “We wanted this album to be as straightforward as we could make it. We wanted it to be aggressive and to the point, and at the same time we have pushed literally everything, higher, faster, louder, harder. It is our most metal album,” states guitarist/vocalist Sakis Prekas. Combining the brutal with the catchy, and drenching it in orchestrations that only serve to expand the epic scale it makes for a thrilling, gripping listen, each of the nine tracks playing an important part in the album as a whole, and making it clear that W.E.B. stand toe-to-toe with anyone in their genre.


Release date:  November 19, 2021

Sakis Darkface : Guitars / Vocals
Sextus Argieous Maximus : Lead Guitars
Nikitas Mandolas : Drums
Hel Pyre : Bass / Vocals


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